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ROI and Tax Calculator for Investment Properties

Fill out the information below to see how your returns will adjust to different variables, including your overall returns after taxes.

HOW TO USE THE CALCULATOR: Simply plug in the corresponding values. The calculator results will change with each adjustment in one of the variables. You’ll gain valuable insights and be able to estimate your return percentages before and after property owner tax deductions, including the total you’ll have to pay in income taxes.


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Price, Rent & Expenses

Financing Details


Calculated Results

Annual Profit & Loss

Net Rent
Repairs & Maintenance
Property Management
Leasing Fees
Total Expenses
Net Operating Income (NOI)
Cap Rate

Financed Returns

Interest Payment
Return After Interest
Investment Amount (down payment)
Financed Return (ROI)
Principal Paydown
Net Cash Flow
Cash on Cash Return

After Tax Returns

Taxable Income
Income Taxes
After Tax Return
After Tax Return %
After Tax Cash Flow
Cash on Cash after Tax

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