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What Is Property Management in Mesa, AZ?

Property management is the process of overseeing and managing residential, commercial, or industrial properties on behalf of property owners. Property management can be conducted by a single individual or a dedicated property management company. 

Learn what property management is in Mesa, AZ

A property management company is a professional organization that handles the day-to-day responsibilities and operations of real estate investments, aiming to ensure they are well-maintained, occupied, and operating as intended. 

Do I Need a Property Manager in Mesa, AZ?

Owning a rental property can be a great source of additional income. However, it also comes with the added responsibilities of property management, including upkeep, repairs, and marketing. 

Benefits of Using a Property Manager in Mesa, AZ

If you’re asking yourself “Do I need a property manager?” — consider these eight benefits of using a property management company in Mesa, AZ.

1. Screen out problem tenants: 

One of the biggest benefits of property management is that the property manager will handle tenant screening. 

Experienced property managers see hundreds (or thousands) of applications, so their trained eyes are more likely to notice potential red flags when reviewing an applicant’s paperwork. 

They can quickly spot good tenant qualities, such as paying rent on time, taking care of the property, and more. Letting them manage the tenant screening process can improve your chances of landing a reliable renter.

2. Act as the point of contact for tenant concerns: 

If something breaks at your property, it’s not always convenient or possible to drive over to the unit to inspect it yourself (especially if it’s in another town or state). 

A property manager can address problems at all hours of the day and arrange for a service provider to repair or replace the item. 

Or, if you have a tenant who always seems to have a complaint — be it the noisy neighbors or the dog who relieves itself on the front lawn — you can breathe easy knowing that the property manager is the point of contact for those types of calls.

3. Market your rental: 

Property managers are skilled at rental marketing, including writing rental ads, taking high-quality photos, and hosting open houses. 

They also have local real estate knowledge and will be able to help you set a competitive rent price. Hiring a property manager with rental marketing experience can help fill your property sooner and reduce the time it sits vacant.

4. Decrease tenant turnover: 

Good property management companies know how to keep their renters happy. They are responsive and available, and they take care of problems when they arise. 

Happy renters are also less likely to look for another place to live and more willing to accept reasonable rent increases. Of tenants who choose to stay in their current lease, 50% think their home is a good value for the price and 40% say they love the place they rent. 

5. Ensure rent is paid on time: 

Property management in Mesa, AZ, will make sure you get paid rent on time.

Property managers are responsible for collecting rent from tenants. They have systems in place to ensure that rent is paid on time and in full. 

If a tenant is late on rent, the property manager will handle the situation and work with the tenant to resolve the issue.

6. Avoid potential legal issues: 

Property management companies are well-versed in local and federal laws governing landlord-tenant relationships. This may give them the means to avoid legal disputes and handle eviction processes and lease terminations that may occur on the property owner’s behalf.

7. Save you money on maintenance and repair costs: 

Property managers can help you save money on maintenance and repair costs by identifying problems early and fixing them before they become more expensive. 

They also have relationships with contractors and service providers, which can help you get better rates on repairs and maintenance.

8. Reduce your rental headaches: 

Owning a rental property can be stressful and time-consuming. Property managers can take care of the day-to-day responsibilities of property management, including tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance, and repairs. This can free up your time and reduce your stress levels.

Property Management Companies in Mesa, AZ

Effective property management is an essential part of owning a rental property. It can help you avoid potential legal issues, save you money on maintenance and repair costs, and reduce your rental headaches

By hiring a Mesa property management company, you can ensure that your rental property is well-maintained, occupied, and operating as intended. 

Best of all, you can enjoy all the benefits of owning a rental property without the added stress and responsibilities of managing it yourself. 

Trusted Mesa Property Management Company

Stratton Vantage Property Management has been serving the Mesa area for more than a decade. 

We’ve helped hundreds of property owners, whether local or long-distance, maximize their rental income by finding quality tenants fast, efficiently handling maintenance requests, improving tenant retention, and getting rent collected on time every month. 

If you’re thinking about hiring a property management company to manage your rental property in Mesa, AZ, get in touch with the experienced professionals at Stratton Vantage Property Management. 

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