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6 Rental Home Security Tips for Landlords and Property Managers

One of the most difficult challenges facing landlords today is Phoenix rental home security.

breaking and entering phoenix rental home security

After all, your tenants expect you to keep them safe from break-ins and theft of their personal belongings.  But not being around 24/7 to watch your property and ensure that it remains safe makes security difficult.

Even so, your tenants are more likely to be burglarized while leasing a rental property than while owning a home.  This makes the need for security in Phoenix rental homes more critical than ever.

Not to mention, you don’t want your rental property damaged.  This is especially true if you’ve devoted a lot of time and money to your investment property.

Dealing with damage, and upset tenants that may have to leave is not something any landlord looks forward to.

That’s why today we’re going to look at 6 ways to bump up the security in your Phoenix rental homes.  With these tips, you can better protect your tenants and your investment property, all at the same time.

Phoenix Rental Home Security Tips

1. Lock it Up

There are things you should know before buying an income property.  For instance, every time you place a new tenant in your rental property, you should change all the locks.  This includes the front, back, and garage doors, as well as any other door that requires a key for entry.

rental home security measures in Phoenix lock and key

The most secure type of lock to have on any main entrance door is a double-cylinder deadbolt.  In fact, this type of deadbolt prevents thieves from breaking windows and unlocking doors from the inside.

Adding to this, you can install metal or solid wood doors.  These types of doors are very hard to bust through, which is a common way burglars like to get into locked up houses.

Keep in mind that locking up your rental property doesn’t just involve your main doors.

Take a look at these additional ways to secure your tenants and your investment property:

  • Encourage tenants to use door jammers in all sliding glass doors and windows
  • Use double pane windows, which are not only more difficult to break, but help keep utility costs down
  • During property inspections, you or your property manager should check all locks and make sure they work
  • Check that your property’s windows can’t be opened from the outside

In addition to adding locks throughout your rental, it’s a good idea to remind tenants about the safety of locking up.

2. Install External Lighting

One of the best ways to deter would-be thieves is to install external lighting around your rental property.  After all, no one wants the light shining right on them mid-crime.

At the very least, add external lights to the main entrance of your rental property.  If you can, install motion sensor lighting so they only turn on when they sense movement.  This will cut power costs for your tenant.

You can also install lights with timers so your tenants don’t have to remember to turn them on each night.  This is especially helpful for those times your tenants are away on vacation or the property sits vacant.

Automatic lights give the impression someone is home.  They also prevent your property from becoming a target.

As an added layer of security, make sure your rental property has lighting on the interior that can be used at night.  This again gives the impression someone is home, even when no one is.

3. Eliminate Hiding Spots

Someone trying to break into your rental property might hide before entering so no one notices anything unusual.  Especially if you have external lighting that shines on the property’s entrances.

If you have thick bushes near the entrance to your property or by the windows, consider removing them.  Or, at the very least, have your tenants trim them so people cannot hide in them in the dark.

4. Set Up a Camera

Security cameras give your tenants an easy way to track activity happening on the property, whether they’re home or not.

Phoenix rental home security rotating camera

For instance, a security camera can:

  • Alert your tenants when unusual activity is happening around the property
  • Show tenants who is at the front door
  • Record any break-in attempts and help authorities identify potential suspects
  • Deter people from trying to break-in in the first place

If you really want to bump up your Phoenix rental home security efforts, get a camera that syncs with a smartphone.  Your tenants can then monitor their home at all times, even on-the-go.

5. Install a Security System

Though one of the more expensive ways to boost security in Phoenix rental homes, having a security system is very beneficial.

To start, a security system keeps your tenants, their personal belongings, and your property safe from criminals.

Besides, a security system is a premium amenity that high-quality tenants will pay more for.

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According to SafeWise, here are some things to consider before installing a security system in your rental property:

  • Monitoring Connection: Determine if you’ll use a landline, broadband, or cellular connection.
  • Installation: Choose between a DIY or professional installation.
  • Feature Set: Choose from features like temperature, lighting, appliance, and even locking controls.
  • Price: Figure out your budget before your settle on a security system. There are many options available to fit all budgets and needs.

If you don’t want to install a security system in your rental property, you might want to look into simple alarms.  You can place alarm sensors on your property’s windows and doors, alerting tenants if someone is trying to break in.

6. Educate Your Tenants

As a landlord, you have the knowledge and experience about Phoenix rental home security that your tenants may not have.  Because of this, you have the power to help your tenants protect themselves and your investment property, especially when they’re away.

All you have to do is share security tips with them such as:

  • Having the mail and newspaper placed on hold or picked up by a neighbor while gone
  • Checking the security system before they leave, and monitoring their home on their mobile device
  • Arranging for a friend or family member to drive by the property to check on it
  • Handling landscaping such as mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, or plowing the snow before leaving
  • Turning on some interior lights on to make it seem like someone is home
  • Storing all valuables in a locked safe
  • Refraining from announcing your absence on social media for all to know

The goal is to convince your tenants to take a proactive approach to home security whenever they’re away for a long time.

Phoenix rental home security night lighting

If you have a rental property in the Phoenix area and in need of a property manager, contact us today.  At Stratton Vantage Property Management we have the experience needed to recommend the best security measures possible for your rental property.

Plus, we thoroughly screen only the best tenants, routinely inspect your property, and collect rent each month so you don’t have to.  So, get some help so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your tenants, a damaged investment property, or a negative monthly cash flow.

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